Monday, October 4, 2010

Make It Better

I was running through a jungle of someone's sloping backyard. Trip wires littered the area and 2 'team mates' ran along side of me. It almost felt like this was some sort of game with obstacles. We ran through the yard dodging the trip wires and collected various bike parts. My partner handed me a wheel and I took off running. All the while, a song played in my dream. It was really strange. I have never remembered hearing music in a dream before. And this song had lyrics. It sounded like a mix between NOFX and The Offspring. The lyrics went, "I know who you think you really are." And it sounded so angry and accusatory. But also I remixed that song in my head to how the band Lifehouse would do it- the singer's voice and everything; and the tone of the song became more beautiful and understanding. Straaaange. Wow.. this will take some work to interpret...

To dream about your backyard, represents your childhood memories or your unconscious. Alternatively, dreaming of your backyard, refers to the secrets you are keeping. There are some aspects of your life which you want to keep hidden and out of the view of others. The dream also represents some aspect of your life that you have taken for granted. Consider also the phrase "not in my backyard." In other words, everything is okay as long as it does not happen to you or occur in your own home. The condition of the yard is also symbolic of how well you maintain and balance aspects of your life.

To see a neat and well-kept yard, reflects your ability to maintain and organize aspects of your outside life, such as work and your social activities. To see a messy and unkempt yard, denotes that aspects of your life are out of your control.

To see or work on wiring in your dream, represents your energy flow. It also indicates some tension or stress in your life. Perhaps you are the live wire. Alternatively, wires represent your connection and relationship to others. If the wires are old or rusty, then it symbolizes negative energy or a bad temper. The dream may also be a metaphor for feeling "wired". You are excited about something.

To dream that you are stealing, suggests that you are feeling deprived. The locale (at home, the office, at school, etc) of where the stealing takes place is indicative of your neediness. Alternatively, stealing signifies unrealized and unfulfilled goals. You may have set your goals too high.

One of my big questions is: What happens if I trip on one of the wires?

So if the backyard is a symbol of secrets I'm keeping or my unconscious.. That means the song is my unconscious talking to me while I'm running around in its territory. It sounds kind of creepy. The taking of the bike parts has something to do with building a bike or something that my bike symbolizes. Hmm.. well my bike symbolizes overcoming myself, freedom, a tool for appreciating the countryside, or the city and the open air, perseverance, health and vitality.

As for the two team members, they were merely a projection of myself and we were one team working towards a common goal. I think the dream symbolizes breaking into the part of my brain that is keeping secrets and hidden negativity. I'm dodging my own security system to collect parts to build something good. Going through that negative accusatory part of my brain to pull out positive things about me and assemble that to permanently change myself for the better, and change that song to an upbeat tune. One Lifehouse would be proud of lol.

I like this dream after analyzing it. Because I didn't trip on any wires and the song changed. It means I have the ability to avoid stress and ♫ take a sad song and make it better ♫ inside my head.

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