Thursday, January 20, 2011

For It Is Dreamed, So It Shall Snow

I wish I had remembered more of my dreams last night. I'm not sure where I was exactly but I was outside. And it was raining.. then it turned to sleet and finally snow. The snowfall got more and more intense. That's all I remember. I usually don't post short fragments of a dream I barely remember... but today it snowed.

Today I heard that we had snow on the forecast. I had read about prophetic dreams before. There are many theories, one being that your subconscious mind is really good at piecing together information to predict an outcome. I'm not convinced that prophetic dreams tell the future but they are interesting. I'm not sure if my dream was foretelling of the weather today or if I dreamed about it snowing because I wanted it to snow. Either way, it will be pretty sweet if classes are cancelled tomorrow.

Here's what says about prophetic dreams...

Prophetic Dreams
In a prophetic dream, you see the future through your dream. It is difficult to determine that a dream is prophetic because we can only confirm such a dream after it has taken place. Even then, we only hear of the success stories. There are so many other dreams that do not come true. Thus, prophetic dream may just be mere coincidences.

In the science world, it is believed that psychic powers do not exist. Scientists rationalize that dreams that seemingly come true may actually be a suggestion or guide for you to follow, thus making it seem as if the dream is coming true. You are willing it to be true. Another argument is that you may have a tendency to self-edit your dream to match the outcome. Because dreams are so easily forgotten, your memory of the dream may not be accurate. Yet another theory is that your dreaming mind is able to piece together bits of information faster that your conscious mind. Your mind is able to see what will happen based on information that it has already collected.

Still, there are believers that dreams can indeed predict or foretell the future. Prophetic dreams are linked to major disasters, wars, assassinations, accidents, lottery numbers or even with winning horse races. Such dreams have helped solve crimes. In history, Abraham Lincoln was said to have dreamt of his own body laying in a coffin two weeks before his assassination. British engineer, John Dunne dreamt of the eruption of a volcano in France which came true.

Having a prophetic dream suggests that you are experiencing anxiety and that you are expressing a desire for certainty in the future. You are looking to your dream to help you make an important decision or to reassure you that you are on the right path.

More Info:
Types of Prophetic Dreams

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fight Off Your Demons

Last night I dreamed I was with my friend Kim on a rooftop, picking off zombies that were coming out of the woodwork on the ground. That darn dreaded zombie apocalypse. My vision switched to a videogame-like view as I sprayed the soulless flesh eaters from above with explosive rounds. After the lot was clear, I turned around and saw Kim entering the building alone as if she was fearless. Who knows what lurked inside? I was scared for either of us going in alone. So I rushed in. Everything seemed clear, quiet. The inside of this building looked a lot like my cousins old house, except it had 3 floors. Kim was nowhere to be found. So I went to the first floor. Kim appeared at the top looking down from the balcony, just fine, as if she had taken out all of the zombies on her own.



To see a roof in your dream, symbolizes a barrier between two states of consciousness. You are protecting or sheltering your consciousness, mentality, and beliefs. The dream provides an overview of how you see yourself and who you think you are. To dream that you are on top of a roof, symbolizes boundless success.

To dream that you are attacked by zombies, indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces beyond your control. You are under tremendous stress in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream represents your fears of being helpless and overpowered.

To dream that you shoot a person with a gun, denotes your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward that particular person. If the person you shoot is a stranger, then it indicates that you are rejecting unknown aspects of yourself that you do not understand.

To see a house in your dream, represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc. If the house is empty, then it indicates feelings of insecurity.

This dream contains really vivid imagery, handpicked and manipulated by my subconscious from events within the past two days to remind me of something. No.. I haven't REALLY been killing zombies lately.

Last night Kim invited me to her church. I had came the night before but I just felt emotionless and a bit awkward. Some things were weighing me down. I was stuck somewhere inside. But last night was better. Very cool, real people around my age make up this church. It was more comfortable. And the pastor spoke of exactly what I needed to hear. The music that was played reminded me of Explosions in the Sky, Damien Rice, and a few other awesome combinations. It really set the mood and the church was very meditative in nature. He spoke of fighting our demons, moving towards just simply allowing God to heal us, our insecurities, fears, pain, etc. and learning to forgive and love everyone. Another thing I loved about the pastor was his emphasis on the fight and brutality of love, what many churches fail to mention. How fucking hard it is to forgive someone who has wrecked you. How hard it is to even love that person. It's easy to just say "fuck em." But it was a reminder that we're being called to forgive and we have to try and fight the demons that are saying the opposite. My demons have told me that it would be all better to just forget about them and erase them from my life.

The zombies in the dream represent our demons. They were everywhere and were bent on destroying us. I went to my cousins house, which may also have something to do with the house, but it definitely has to do with the videogame-style killing in the dream.. Because we stayed up til 5:30 this morning playing Modern Warfare 2. The last level we played was one of shooting from above in a helo. Kim entered on her own, which makes me think that she's actually stronger and more fearless than I think she really is. Or maybe it's that I'm more scared of my own demons than she is of hers.

The 3 levels of the house may be a symbol of the Holy Trinity, clear of any demons, failure, and hurt. A safe house. It's there for anyone to walk in, as soon as we get over our fearful uncertainty. Maybe it symbolizes the church. I wanna start going more. I had a good experience in that place. It feels like home. This dream was reiterating things said last night and saying that I'm not alone in this fight.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sitting Korean Ducks

Last night I dreamed that someone was stealing Kim Jong-il's ducks from his private pond. Whoever it was, said they were worth more money. He was tranquilizing and taking them. This dream is so out there that I don't know where to begin to interpret this one. I haven't seen or heard about Kim Jong-il in a long time, so there's no explanation there. This is so weird and random.. and pretty funny.

Maybe he represents dangerous power. And the ducks represent vulnerability i.e. sitting ducks. Who do I know who is in a position of power, yet vulnerable and could possibly lose it all? ...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Let Sleeping T-Rex Lie

A few weeks ago I dreamed that I was in a large facility that felt like a school. I stumbled into a pool area where on the ground lay an unconscious Tyrannosaurus Rex! It had been captured and was sedated next to the empty pool. I ran down the hall to be far away from it whenever it woke up. A few people I recognized from work rounded the corner. I warned them not to go that way because there was a T-Rex. They ignored my warning and ran down the hall. I held my breath and waited to hear a roar and screaming. But I woke up before that happened.



To see a dinosaur in your dream, symbolizes an outdated attitude. You may need to discard your old ways of thinking and habits. To dream that you are being chased by a dinosaur, indicates your fears of no longer being needed or useful. Alternatively, being chased by a dinosaur, may reflect old issues that are still coming back to haunt you.

Tyrannosaurus Rex:
To see tyrannosaurus rex in your dream, symbolizes your biggest fears. Alternatively, the dream means that you are behaving and acting tyrannical. You may be tearing people down and belittling them in some way.

Swimming Pool:
To see an empty swimming pool in your dream, suggests that you are literally feeling empty and devoid of emotions.

To dream that you are warning someone, suggests that you need to recognize the dangers or negatives of some situation. You need to bring this to the surface.

When I had this dream, I was playing a lot of the Playstation game Dino Crisis. And there were a couple of times in the game where the T-Rex was rendered unconscious.

Maybe the T-Rex symbolizes imminent danger and my worst fears and that I have a very good intuition about some situations. The people ignoring my warning in the dream indicates that I fear that my words don't hold much weight, or people will do what they want regardless of my strong advice, or... well.. curiosity got the cat eaten by a T-Rex.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Face Your Fears

I dreamed I was in an elevator somewhere in a building on the UT campus. The elevator was on the outside of the building and made of glass. The elevator was rising slowly and I could see below me and my surroundings. Someone was standing quietly behind me. I didn't look back but I got a sense of who it was. I just stared towards the ground. I wasn't sure how high the building was but it kept rising.. faster and faster. I could see people's faces looking up at me from the ground start to blur. Fear started to sink in at the thought of the elevator breaking and falling towards the ground. That sinking feeling in my stomach took over. And at that point, I realized I was dreaming. I convinced myself that nothing was going to go wrong. These things are built to be strong. I concentrated on the elevator and just being. And I took control of gravity and the elevator. It slowed down and stopped somewhere up high. That's all I remember.



To dream that you are ascending in an elevator, represents a rise to status and wealth. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. If the elevator is moving upward in an out of control fashion or it crashes through the roof, then it indicates that you are being catapulted to a position of power in which you do not yet know how to deal with. You are afraid of the new responsibilities ahead for you.
In general, the up and down action of the elevator represents the ups and downs of your life. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious.

To dream that you are at a great height, signifies that you have reached one of your highest goals or objectives.
To dream that you are afraid of heights, denotes that you are striving for goals that seem beyond your reach.

To see glass in your dream, symbolizes passivity or protection. You may be putting up an invisible barrier to protect yourself in a situation or relationship.
To dream that you are looking through glass, represents your openness and non-defensiveness. Alternatively, you may be putting up an invisible emotional barrier around yourself.

Falling Dreams
Lucid Dreams

I find it incredible that I remembered a dream the first day of 2011. And a dream at the brink of being lucid, nonetheless. The dream took place on the UT campus. My sister and brother-in-law went there, my ex goes there, and a few friends I know go there. It's a strong symbol to me but not significant to the overall meaning of the dream. I was so scared of something going wrong with the elevator. I've had dreams of falling and other borderline lucid dreams where I came to realize I was dreaming and could control some things.

"I stared over the edge, seeing the street below. My legs felt like jello. That weak legged feeling you get when you're up high. I realized I was dreaming. Then I challenged myself. What if I tried to overcome my fear and just jump off of this building? Question this 'reality' and surrender to gravity and imminent death. I geared myself up to do it. Looking down, still with the jello legs, I jumped."

I fell asleep last night alone on New Years, reflecting on things I shouldn't have. And a dumb fear set in about being alone forever. Alcohol and loneliness don't mix. And I feel that the dream was trying to tell me that things can get out of control and come crashing back to earth.. but you always have a choice. I choose to fight to make 2011 the best yet. 2010 began and ended with an emptiness in my heart but for the most part I am extremely grateful to grow and move on from everything and persevere. The glass elevator symbolizes my invisible fortress surrounding my feelings and most intimate thoughts. Last night I also realized more of my weaknesses but also my strength in certain situations and my potential to be a leader. Now it's time to take control like I did in the elevator and face my fears. Man up to my old man to piece this family back together, learn to be content with God's love only, defy generational curses, and realize that I'm not bound to who I was.

♫ I'm falling down
I can't wake up
I cannot hold on
I will not let go ♫