Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Matrix

Last night's dreams were very odd but awesome. The first one started on top of a really high building at night. Everything looked comic book styled, almost like Sin City. It was known that aliens were attacking the city. Yet people were resisting valiantly. Two warriors were beside me as a UFO hovered up from below. Willing to fight and die, they took a primitive item and ran toward the edge of the building. One guy stopped and threw his. The other guy jumped off the side while throwing it at the UFO. The UFO resembled a B-2 "Spirit" Stealth Bomber. The man relaxed his body as he fell, knowing he was gonna die. His body hit the edge of the UFO which sent him spinning fast and violently as he fell.

The second dream was set during the day on top of the tallest building I had ever stood on, perhaps the tallest in the world. I stared over the edge, seeing the street below. My legs felt like jello. That weak legged feeling you get when you're up high. I realized I was dreaming. Then I challenged myself. What if I tried to overcome my fear and just jump off of this building? Question this 'reality' and surrender to gravity and imminent death. I geared myself up to do it. Looking down, still with the jello legs, I jumped. I was falling fast and the intensity of the fall grew. People usually wake up from a dream with this much intensity but I stayed asleep. I don't remember anything else halfway down. I went to another dream.

Again, I was on top of another building, not quite as high, standing in the center away from the edge. Next thing I see is a guy run and jump off the side. The theme of suicide was not known in these dreams. It was almost like a challenge to that 'alternate reality.' To do anything I want just to see what will happen. On the edge of being a lucid dream.

INTERPRETATION: Lately I've looked into Scientology and what the so-called religion or organization is all about. It was founded by a guy who wrote Sci-Fi for a living. Without going into all the details, I've found nothing but terrible things about Scientology. That it operates more like a business than a religion. When one digs deeper, one finds ridiculous Sci-Fi elements. Perhaps my findings influenced the dream. Also a video that I saw on YouTube. It's a video showing protesters in front of a Church of Scientology in Orlando, Florida. They are holding 'Honk if you hate Scientology' signs.

The first dream could be a parallel to the protesters. These protesters (people on the roof) willing to fight an evil organization (COS) or what the UFO could symbolize. The other two dreams could be similar to The Matrix in that I was inside of it but realizing it. A simulated world. I've read and seen video of an organization called 'Anonymous.' They are a group of elite computer hackers that have attacked the Church of Scientology in the virtual realm. Revealing and spreading documents and information on the internet that the so-called church has kept secret from its members and everyone. Their ultimate goal is to bring down the Church of Scientology or at least bring them to a point where they admit all their wrongdoings and deceptions to its members and become open about everything. I as well as Anonymous are not opposed to the members of Scientology. Freedom of religion and speech. However I am against any organization that keeps secrets from its members, takes their money without hesitation, and victimizes them.

I don't want those facts to alter anyone's interpretation. It's entirely possible that these dreams could be telling me something completely different. Something I'm not seeing or ignoring. The second dream could be as simple as me challenging my courage in the face of fear and death.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

God Spoke

This is not a dream of mine. It was a dream I stumbled upon on another website. It's powerful and vivid.

I had this dream about 15 years ago and only told a few people about it since. Wanting some sort of explanation for this dream, most of the people I told were very religious. The dream:

It starts out during or after the Rapture. The world is burned. All buildings and structures have fallen into piles of fiery rubble. The sky is black. There is no sun anymore. The only light that exists is from the fire that is left behind in the streets. All followers of Christ have been taken into Heaven. All except for a few. For some reason, some people that were to enter Heaven did not make it. Even a close friend of mine's family were left behind. And they are deeply commited Catholics. Satan supposedly had something to do with this. And, of course, I was left behind. Not being the religious person I was supposed to be ruined my chances for entrance into Heaven. But for some reason I had this feeling that I was charged with this mission to find all of God's lost people. And doing so, would prove to God that I had some sort of commitment to Him and to myself to finish such a task.

So, there I am wandering through burned out cities collecting people as I go. Eventually, I found all of the people on my "list"...except one. (Flashback: Well before the Rapture began, my friends little cousin went missing. A little girl about 9 years old. Well.....she was on my list.) Then we came to a clearing in all of the ruin. As we walked out of the ruin into the clearing a stage came into sight. We walked toward the stage then my friends sister let out a blood curdling scream. I turned around and looked at her. She was staring at the stage, screaming, and crying. I turned back to the stage to see a little girl standing in the center of the stage wearing a white nightgown. Her face had been burned until black and slashed. I couldnt see a face anymore. It was her. My last person.

To the right of the stage stood seven figures dressed in judges robes and carrying very large, old books. Their faces looked like the old devil depiction. Goatee, tiny horns, thin curly mustache. It was Satans Council. They were mumbling in some odd language reading from their books. They had some sort of spell working on the little girl. I stood there thinking, "How in the hell am I supposed to go up against the Devil? She is my last person! God would'nt expect me to beat the Devil....would He?" Just then the curtains on the stage began to draw back. And a large movie screen started to light up. Clouds started to form on the screen. Then the clouds slowly moved around to almost make...a face??...It was God. Then He spoke. It was one syllable. You could'nt hear anything else at that time. Just his voice. It was the loudest sound I have ever heard, but didnt hurt my ears. It seemed that a wave hit all of us at once, but didnt knock us back. The sound went through everyone. When God was finished speaking, Satans Council had stopped their mumbling and were staring up at God in fear. Then they hurried away out of sight. Then the clouds moved around a little more and settled into regular looking clouds. It was'nt said to me, but I got the feeling that God knew that I could'nt beat the Devil. He just wanted to see me get to that last point. Then I woke up. I get goose bumps everytime I think about that dream. I'll never forget it.