Dreams can reveal a lot about yourself that you don't always think about or acknowledge. Our brains store every detail about us and much is stored in our unconscious. Some of these thoughts in the back of our heads can turn into negative emotions if they are not dealt with. This blog is as much of a therapeutic outlet as it is an artistic hobby of mine and may reveal a lot of intimate details and secrets that sometimes I don't even acknowledge.
          Some of these dreams reveal things about me that I keep hidden that I'm embarrassed to talk about in waking life. Dreams can act as an emotional outlet and a stress simulation in a made up unconscious world to heal us and prepare us for situations in real life.
          This blog is titled My Shadow because in Jungian Psychology, the Shadow is the rejected and repressed aspects about one's self. The shadow symbolizes, weakness, fear, negativity and anger. As an ever-transforming individual, through my dreams, I hope to understand more about myself and to not repress anything, so that my shadow grows weaker and I can do away with the weakness, fear and negativity. Many of my dreams are reassuring and optimistic. They are not all about showing my darker, weaker side.

Dream Symbols found at http://www.dreammoods.com/
          Each symbol may mean something different to each dreamer. The best interpreter for a dream is the dreamer.