Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cabin. Welcome to the Jungle

This is an older dream. Possibly a year ago. I was in the military. A fellow soldier and I jumped out of an airplane and parachuted into a clearing. A chain fence was nearby and we crawled underneath it. On the other side was a thick, lush jungle. We start running, determined to complete our mission, whatever it was. Next thing, we see a menacing Bengal Tiger stalking us. As soon as we start running, the tiger does as well, moving faster than we are. My partner grabs the back of my jacket, I spin around while lifting my M16 machine gun, and start firing at it while running backwards. It jumps around from side to side as if dodging the bullets. Finally, it retreats and we don't see it again. Still running, we make it to a shelter. A cabin in the middle of the jungle?! It's later in the day, turning night when we go inside. The place is lit with torches and we walk into a room with a fireplace. Sitting in there talking is my friend's mom, Lisa and Aaron Lewis of Staind. What a strange couple of people to see together in a cabin in the middle of the jungle!


To dream that you are in a parachute, signifies that you have protection and security during a time in which many risks and turmoil surround you. Alternatively, it may also imply that it is time to bail out of a situation or abandon an old idea/habit.
Jungle: To dream that you are in a jungle, signifies aspects of yourself and your personality that may have been inhibited. You may be experiencing chaos and the unpredictable in your waking life. If you are lost or trapped in a jungle, indicates that your negative feelings are hindering your progress, You need to come to terms with aspects of your unconscious.
Tiger: To see a tiger in your dream, represents power and your ability to exert it in various situations. The dream may also indicate that you to take more of a leadership role. To dream that you are attacked by a tiger, symbolizes repressed feelings or emotions that frighten you.
Cabin: To dream of a cabin indicates that you succeed via your own means. It suggests that you are self-reliant and independent, yet still remain humble. You prefer the simpler things in life.
Fireplace: To see a lit fireplace in your dream, symbolizes contentment, warmth, and comfort.
Fame: To see famous people in your dream, signifies an increase to your prosperity and honor.

INTERPRETATION: I'm not even gonna try to interpret this one. Possibly, when I bail out of one thing and fight my way towards something else, I finally get there and still feel confused and empty inside.

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