Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was standing on a dock in the middle of a lake far in the wilderness. Hundreds of miles from any city. This lake was the home of dozens of dolphins. I looked over and saw about 8 of them swimming my direction in a line. One of them jumped 10 feet in the air. Another, not to be outdone, jumped 30 feet in the air! They never jumped that high at Sea World! The third one, not to be outdone by either of them jumped over 100 feet into the sky and landed back in the water. It was like a scene from Echo the Dolphin, an old Sega Genesis game.

For one thing, dolphins do not live or would survive in a lake. And then dolphins flying 100 feet in the air.. wow.

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Janice Hunter said...

I had a similar dream about a flying stingray. This was my interpretation